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MCEF Endowed Scholarships Exceed Half a Million Dollars

March 2023

The Monroe County Education Foundation is pleased to announce that it has reached a new milestone in its ability to support Monroe County residents to pursue their educational and career goals. A combination of strong returns on financial investments and donations from individuals, businesses and other organizations have pushed the value of the foundation's financial assets above $500,000. 

"We feel privileged that the people of Monroe County have entrusted us to steward their generous investments in education," said Leta Comer, President of the Monroe County Education Foundation. "Since 2001 we've provided over $140,000 in scholarships to 161 Monroe County residents. As our endowment grows so does our ability to give. Ultimately, we'd like to support everyone who applies for a scholarship. Hopefully one day we'll be able to just that."

2023 scholarship applications for the Monroe County Education Foundation closed in mid-March. This year the foundation anticipates that will provide $X to X recipients. New scholarships will be announced during Awards Day at James Monroe this spring. 

Previous scholarship recipients have included high school seniors, college students and adult learners.

Michaela Ramsey, who is currently completing her emergency medicine residency, received a scholarship from the foundation is 2015. Michaela said, "Receiving financial support from the Monroe County Education Foundation allowed me to pursue a higher level of education without having to worry about the financial compensation required of a college degree. I was able to focus solely on my education and subsequently graduated Summa Cum Laude from Concord University. My success has been a direct result of the community I grew up in, the mentorships I’ve formed along the way, the financial assistance granted to me through scholarships like the MCEF, and the nurturing support of Monroe County.

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